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In 2023, TerraVolt By Best Energies is expanding even further.

In February, we signed a convention for the creation of a joint-venture with SGG Energy Inc. in Canada. The objective of this collaboration is to develop our energy valorization solutions for residues and waste adapted to the North American context. Several R&D and industrial projects are currently under discussion. 


On March 3, 2023, Terravolt signed a framework agreement for partnership with Cefrepade
By combining their respective expertise, Terravolt and CEFREPADE aim to develop even more efficient and performant projects for the valorization of residues and waste. This partnership will notably allow for the pooling of technical and human resources of both entities, as well as for the exchange of the latest scientific advances in the field. Exciting projects ahead!


TerraVolt – By Best Energies as honored by INPI France on the innovation map of May 2022. Congratulations to the entire TerraVolt team. Come see us at Station V des Fermes de Gally! Our VALOMM prototype, a thermochimical valorization process for MSW, is currently being downloaded!

Innov'up Program Winner

We are pleased to announce that TerraVolt is a winner of the Innov'up program in the Ile de France region to develop its VALOMM prototype (Valorization of Municipal Solid Waste) in France. The VALOMM prototype aims to valorize residues and waste such as biomass, CSR, plastics, and residual household waste to produce thermal, electrical, and refrigeration energy. The Innov'up program, supported by BPI, offers financing for research, development, and innovation (RDI) projects at any stage of maturity. This support will allow us to soon launch the production of the prototype and successfully carry out the planned tests over 18 months.

Obtaining the status of (Young Innovative Company

TerraVolt has obtained the JEI (Young Innovative Company)

status granted by the Departmental Directorate of Finances after a positive opinion from the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. This status encourages us in our approach to innovation and our R&D projects in France and abroad

Agridigital article - Togo project

The editorial team of AgridigitalTogo project. The editorial team of Agridigital, a thematic journal providing information on digital agricultural news in Africa, has given us the opportunity to describe our project of valorizing household waste to power a cold room in Togo. 

Thank you to them! 

TerraVolt is expanding in Chad
- 2020-

The TerraVolt team is pleased to present its project in Koumra in southern Chad! 
In partnership with the AFDI association, we provide energy and ecological support to the shea butter production cooperative APROFIKA 
through the valorization of agricultural residues from the production process using pyro-gasification!  

Energy Actors Forum for Africa: Second Edition
-Febuary 2020-

The TerraVolt team attended the Energy Actors Forum for Actors Forum for Africa in Lille in February 2020 

The Sèmè City project Sèmè Citya sustainable city in Benin, was in the spotlight for this second edition of the forum, led by the Haut de France region. A big thank you to Mr. Dona Jean-Claude HOUSSOU, the Minister of Energy in Benin, for his speech reflecting a strong willingness to electrify everyone in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Together, we can make things happen

-APRIL 2019-

As an R&D company in the renewable energy sector, TerraVolt will be present at the National Forum of Eco-Enterprises, which will take place on April 4th in Paris. This forum brings together actors in the environmental sector, and many topics will be discussed, such as new energy systems and the transformation and valorization of waste. TerraVolt will therefore have its rightful place there! This event is organized by ADEME, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and PEXE, the association of eco-enterprises in France.

Feasibility study in Morocco
-MARS 2019-

Participation in the Pollutec Morocco exhibition last October allowed the members of the Best Energies group to make business connections. Today, our team is excited to travel to Beni Mellal, Morocco for a study trip to assess the potential types of energy recovery. Tarik and François are on the ground for a week to conduct a feasibility study

Gasification India exhibition.

Introduction conference for Gasification India forum.

TerraVolt attended the gasification exhibition in New Delhi, India in November 2018 to meet with industry players and discuss ways to recover energy from agricultural and municipal waste (waste-to-energythrough conferences. Municipal waste is a key challenge for our societies, and recovering waste is crucial. These two days of conferences and forums allowed our team to meet with key players in the development of our electrification solutions for all

Click here to learn more ici.

Pollutec Morocco exhibition
-september 2018-

TerraVolt's team was present at the Pollutec Morocco exhibition "Opportunities for Africa" to showcase our expertise in the field of renewable energies. As a well-known and recognized exhibition in Morocco, it serves as a meeting place for sharing projects and knowledge among industry players. Focused on Africa, it brings new business opportunities with sub-Saharan countries seeking new electrification solutions

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